Scientific papers I haven't been able to find

There are many scientific papers I haven't been able to track down. Usually these papers are older or foreign. I've listed a few of the papers and reports that I have been completely unsuccessful in finding and still want below. Please email me if you have a copy of any of these or any useful information about locating them. The citations below are the best I can find. I have included some notes about each document as appropriate.

Alternatively, if you could provide a paper/book/etc. or citation of a paper/book/etc. which contains a good summary of any of these items, I'd be appreciative.

I'll pay a bounty of $20 (negotiable) via PayPal for full copies of any of the high priority items listed below. Email me with a copy of the item to claim a bounty.

High priority (19 items)

M. K. Baranaev, E. N. Teverovskii, and E. L. Tregubova, "The dimension of minimum pulsations in turbulent flow," Miscellaneous translation, British Library Lending Division M14528, 1957.

Translation only available at the British Library best I can tell.

M. K. Baranaev, E. N. Teverovskii, and E. L. Tregubova, "On the magnitude of the minimum pulsations in turbulent flow," RTS 4453, Mar. 1968.

Translation only available at the British Library best I can tell.

Cocks, J.K., 1968, Investigation into the effect of surface finish on the performance of monitor surfaces, E.C.L.P. Ltd., P.E.D. Internal Report.

E.C.L.P refers to English China Clays, a company which no longer exists. I contacted the successor company but never heard anything back.

E. Foà, Sull'impiego della analisi dimensionale nello studio del moto turbolento — Seconda nota" ["On the use of dimensional analysis in the study of turbulent motion — Second note"], L'industria, vol. XLIV, no. 8, pp. 203-226, Dec. 1929.

The first paper in this series is not difficult to obtain, but the second appears to be at no library I've checked.

D. Hartmann, "Theoretische Untersuchungen zur Tropfenbildung bei Dispergierprozessen [Theoretical investigations on droplet formation in dispersing processes]," PhD thesis, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Halle, Germany, 1993.

Contacted the author and never received a reply.

I. P. Kolchenogova, B. A. Khrustalev, and S. S. Filimonov, "Zamechaniya po stat’ye prof. B. M. Yakuba «Ob odnom napravlenii v teorii podobiya»" ["Comments on the Prof. B. M. Yakub’s article ‘On one direction in the theory of similarity’"], Tekhnika zheleznykh dorog, no. 5, pp. 14–15, 1953.

A. S. Lyshevskii, "Experimental Analysis of the Disintegration of Liquid Jets," SMRE-Trans 5225, Nov. 1965.

Translation only available at the British Library best I can tell.

Any paper, book, report, etc. that I am unaware of which improves on V. Ya. Natanzon's 1938 maximum entropy theory of turbulent jet breakup. (I have a Google Scholar alert set up for my 2018 translation, so I'll already hear about any new citations to the paper.) Of the items citing this which I've identified, none have improved upon the theory. I think this might be caused by the paper being published in an obscure journal, so perhaps the only forthcoming improvements will be in response to my translation, which has been posted open access online.

P. Oguey, "La dispersion des Jets d'Eau sous l'Influence de la Turbulence," Proceedings of the 6th International Congress for Applied Mechanics, Paris, 1946.

The 1946 International Congress for Applied Mechanics proceedings were never published. I contacted various organizations who might have a copy of the proceedings or this particular article, but of the ones which responded, none have this article.

W. von Ohnesorge, "Drop Formation at Nozzles and the Decomposition of Liquid Jets," SLA TT66-13008, 1966.

Translation only available at the British Library best I can tell.

Пичурин А. М. Влияние геометрии распыливающих отверстий форсунок на процесс смесеобразования в судовых дизелях. Дисс. канд. техн. наук. Новосибирск, 1999, 143 с. (Pichurin A. M. Influence of geometry of sprayer nozzle holes on the mixing process in marine diesels. Diss. Cand. Tech. Sciences. Novosibirsk, 1999, 143 p.)

Emailed the author, but they never got back to me. I put an interlibrary loan request in for this through a special program my university has, but that went nowhere. There are various websites that I could buy this from online, but I don't particularly trust any of them.

G. J. Ranque, "Vortex expansion with experiments concerning the simultaneous production of hot and cold air," General Electric Company, Schenectady Works Library, T. F. 3294, 1947.

Sale, D. E., "Entrance Effects in Incompressible Diffuser Flow," M. Sc. thesis, University of Manchester, 1967.

Шавловский, С. С., and В. Е. Бафталовский. "Влияние угла конусности и длины цилиндрического участка насадки на компактность струи." Технология добычи угля подземным способом: Сб. науч. тр 12 (1971): 29-30. (Shavlovskii, S. S., and V. E. Baftalovsky. "The influence of the cone angle and the length of the cylindrical portion of the nozzle to jet compactness." Tekhnologiya dobychi uglya podzemnym sposobom: Sb. nauch. tr 12 (1971): 29-30.)

Скоморовский С.А. Гидродинамика течения топлива в сопловых каналах дизельной форсунки и её влияние на структуру топливного факела: Дис. канд. техн. наук. — Л.: ЦНИДИ, 1988. 213 с. (S. A. Skomorovskii, "Hydrodynamics of the flow of fuel in the nozzle channels of the diesel injector and its effect on the structure of the fuel torch", Candidate of Technical Sciences dissertation, Tsentral'nyy Nauchno-Issledovatel'skiy Dizel'nyy Institut, Leningrad, USSR, 1988.)

I have the abstract of this, but I'm interested in reading the full dissertation. I contacted the author, but they're not able to provide a scan.

This paper by G. P. Skrebkov (English translation on pp. 142-151) briefly describes some jet experiments performed at the Skochinsky Institute of Mining with rough tubes. It is possible a report was written on the subject, but I can find no evidence of this. Someone else might be aware.

H. Vliem, "The influence of restrictions on the breakup pattern of turbulent water jets; a simple model of the external urinary stream of the human male," MS thesis, Technische Hogeschool te Delft, Delft, Netherlands, 1975.

C. Weber, "The decomposition of a Liquid Jet," SLA TT66-13009, 1966.

Translation only available at the British Library best I can tell.

B. M. Yakub, "Ob odnom napravlenii v teorii podobiya" ["On one direction in the theory of similarity"], Tekhnika zheleznykh dorog, no. 2, pp. 15–17, 1953.

The Use of Damping Screens for the Reduction of Wind Tunnel Turbulence. National Bureau of Standards Report, HLD:LJ, VI-O, Washington, D. C., August 1, 1940. (Report submitted to the NACA, unpublished)

Might be nearly identical to this paper, but might not be.

Lower priority (16 items)

"Le Nouveau jet d'eau de la rade de Genève," Bulletin des Services industriels de Genève, no. 2, 1954.

Interlibrary loan was unsuccessful for this, and there are few holdings worldwide.

A. I. Borisenko and N. S. Panasenkov, "The problem of the influence of the turbulence of a liquid jet on its atomization," Miscellaneous translation, British Library Lending Division M6552.

Translation only available at the British Library best I can tell.

I. G. Bowen and J. R. Joyce, “The Effects of Cone Angle, Pressure and Flow Number on the Particle Size of a Pressure Jet Atomizer,” Shell Petroleum Co. Ltd., London, UK, Technical Report ICT/17, Mar. 1948.

Giffen, E., and Lamb, T. A. J., The Effect of Air Density on Spray Atomization, Motor Industry Research Association Report 1953/5, 1953.

J. O. Hinze, "On the Theory of Pressure Atomizers with Whirl Chamber I", N. V. der Bataafsche Petroleum. MIJ-Proef. Station, Delft Report 65S, 1946.

J. O. Hinze, "On the Theory of Pressure Atomizers with Whirl Chamber II", N. V. der Bataafsche Petroleum. MIJ-Proef. Station, Delft Report 95S, 1946.

J. O. Hinze, "On the Theory of Pressure Atomizers with Whirl Chamber III", N. V. der Bataafsche Petroleum. MIJ-Proef. Station, Delft Report 96S, 1946.

J. Hovingh, “Stability of a flowing circular annular liquid curtain,” Lawrence Livermore Lab., Internal Memo SS&A-77-108, Aug. 8, 1977.

Livermore's library does not have a copy of this document, and neither does the (deceased) author's daughter. Apparently this document was not intended for distribution, despite the fact that it's been cited at least 10 times. I emailed several people who cited the report. Most don't respond. I suspect that this is a case of people copying citations without ever reading the original paper.

Казаков С. П. Исследование гидромониториых струй. Дис. на соискание уч. ст. капд. техн. наук. М.. 1946. (S. P. Kazakov, "Investigation of hydromonitor jets," Dissertation for the Degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences, Moscow (1946).)

I can find no record of this dissertation in any library.

Kreis, F., Die Bewegung des Wassers. Diss. TH Berlin (1937).

Cited in a German book about water for fire protection. The disseration is not in the library catalog of TU Berlin. I can find no mention of this dissertation anywhere aside from the mentioned book.

A. S. Lyshevskii, "K raschetu vertikal'nykh strui [The calculation of the vertical jet]," Trudy, Novocherkasskii politekhnicheskii institut, vol. 131, pp. 57-67, 1962.

A. S. Lyshevskii, "Opredeleniye parametrov naklonnykh strui [Defining the parameters of inclined jet]," Trudy, Novocherkasskii politekhnicheskii institut, vol. 131, pp. 69-86, 1962.

M. J. McCarthy, “Entrainment by plunging jets,” University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, 1972.

The University of Newcastle has two copies, but they are not available for loan.

Могендович, Е. М. Гидравлические импульсные системы [Текст] / Е. М. Могендович. – Л.: Машиностроение, 1977. – 216 с. (Mogendovich, E. M. Hydraulic pulse systems [Text] / EM Mogendovich. - A .: Engineering, 1977. - 216 p.)

The Library of Congress is supposed to have this, but they were not able to find the book on multiple occasions when I have visited.

Oyama, Y., Takashima, Y., and Idemura, H.: "Induction of air by jet streams", Kagaku Kenkyusho Hokoku, 29, 344 (1953).

Also cited as:

Oyama Y., Takashima Y., Ydemura H. Air Entrainment Phenomena by Jets. Repts. Sei Research Inst. (Japan) 29. (1954) 344.

Oyama Y., Y. Takashima, and H. Idemura (1953) "Introduction of Air by Jet Streams," Kagaku Kenkyusho, Hokoku 29, pp 344-348.

Oyama, Y., Y. Takashima, and H. Idemura, "The Volume Rate of Air Dragged into Liquid by a Vertical Liquid Jet Flow to the Free Surface of the Liquid, Reports Sci. Res. Inst., 29, pp. 344-348, 1953.

Роер Г.Н. Методика расчета экономичных параметров струи при гидромониторных работах. ОБТИ главзолото, вып. 52, 1957. (Roer G. N. Methods of calculating efficient parameters of the jet at water jet facilities. OBTI glavzoloto Vol. 52, 1957.)