Scientific papers I haven't been able to find

There are many scientific papers I haven't been able to track down. Usually these papers are older or foreign. I've listed a few of the papers and reports that I have been completely unsuccessful in finding and still want below. Please if you have a copy of any of these or any useful information about locating them. The citations below are the best I can find. I have included some notes about each document as appropriate.

Alternatively, if you could provide a paper/book/etc. or citation of a paper/book/etc. which contains a good summary of any of these items, I'd be appreciative.

High priority

Белан П.И., Жданов В.А. О распиливании топлива дизельными форсунками с организованным вихреобразованием. Тр. Ростовского-на-Дону ин-га инж.жел.транспорта, Ростов, 1972, вып.80, с .33-41. (Belan P. I., Zhdanov V. A. On the atomization of fuel by diesel injectors with organized vortex formation. Tr. Rostov-on-Don in-ga inzhen. zhel. transporta, Rostov, 1972, issue 80, pp. 33-41.)

Белан П.И. Турбулентная структура потоков топлива в сопловых каналах дизельных форсунок/Тр. РИИЖТА, Ростов-на-Дону, вып.6, 1974. -С. 14-20. (Belan P.I. Turbulent structure of fuel flows into the nozzle channels of diesel fuel injectors / Tr. RIIZHTA, Rostov-on-Don, vol. 6, 1974. p. 14-20.)

Богданович И. И. Влияние подготовки топлива в форсунке на тонкость распыла. Дисс. канд. техн.наук. М., 1948, 136 с. (Bogdanovich I. I. Influence of fuel preparation in the nozzle on the spray fineness. Diss. cand. Technical Sciences. Moscow, 1948, 136 pp.)

Tried ordering this disseration online, but it hasn't been scanned yet and I'm not sure that it ever will be. I put an interlibrary loan request in for this through a special program my university has, but the program was unable to obtain the dissertation. A few books and papers cite results from this, with few details. I'm interested in the details of the experiments conducted.

Cocks, J.K., 1968, Investigation into the effect of surface finish on the performance of monitor surfaces, E.C.L.P. Ltd., P.E.D. Internal Report.

E.C.L.P refers to English China Clays, a company which no longer exists. I contacted the successor company but never heard anything back.

А. С. Лышевский, Закономерности дробления жидкостей механическими форсунками давления, Новочеркасск, 1961. (A. S. Lyshevskii, Laws of Atomization of Liquids in Mechanical Pressure Nozzles, Novocherkassk, 1961.)

Lyshevskii is widely cited in the Russian literature, but his work is largely unavailable in the US. This book probably contains most of it. I do have a PDF of his diesel engines book, though, and I scanned copies of several of his articles at the Library of Congress.

Мичкин И.А. и др. Влияние проточной части носка корпуса распылителя на параметры работы дизеля // Тр. НАТИ, М., 1975. № 239. с. 28-35. (Michkin I. A. et al. The influence of the flowing part of the sock body spray on the parameters of operation of the diesel engine // Trudy NATI, Moscow, 1975. № 239. pp. 28-35)

Related to the Bogdanovich dissertation.

Шавловский, С. С., and В. Е. Бафталовский. "Влияние угла конусности и длины цилиндрического участка насадки на компактность струи." Технология добычи угля подземным способом: Сб. науч. тр 12 (1971): 29-30. (Shavlovskii, S. S., and V. E. Baftalovsky. "The influence of the cone angle and the length of the cylindrical portion of the nozzle to jet compactness." Tekhnologiya dobychi uglya podzemnym sposobom: Sb. nauch. tr 12 (1971): 29-30.)

Цяпко Н. Ф. Профилирование насадков подземных гидромониторов. Труды ВНИИгидроугля, вып. VI. М.: Недра, 1965. - с. 14-15. (Tsyapko N. F. Profile of underground hydromonitor nozzles. Trudy VNIIGidrouglya, vol. VI. Moscow: Nedra, 1965. - p. 14-15.)

Very strongly interested in this! Tried interlibrary loan from a Russian library but was declined. Does not seem to exist outside of Russia.

Lower priority

"Le Nouveau jet d'eau de la rade de Genève," Bulletin des Services industriels de Genève, no. 2, 1954.

Interlibrary loan was unsuccessful for this, and there are few holdings worldwide.

I emailed the journal and never received a response.

I. G. Bowen and J. R. Joyce, “The Effects of Cone Angle, Pressure and Flow Number on the Particle Size of a Pressure Jet Atomizer,” Shell Petroleum Co. Ltd., London, UK, Technical Report ICT/17, Mar. 1948.

I. G. Bowen and G. P. Davies, “Particle size distribution and the estimation of Sauter mean diameter,” Shell Petroleum Co. Ltd., London, UK, Technical Report ICT/28, 1951.

I emailed the journal and never received a response.

Giffen, E., and Lamb, T. A. J., The Effect of Air Density on Spray Atomization, Motor Industry Research Association Report 1953/5, 1953.

Li Hai, Jou, “Test of High Pressure Water Jet and Hydraulic Coal Winning,” Proc. Hydraulic Coal Mining Seminar-Hydraulic Coal Mining in China, Colorado School of Mines, November 1-2, 1979.

Jou, L. H. "Tests on High Pressure Water Jets and Hydraulic Mining". Tangshan Coal Research Institute, Beijing Coal Scientific Research Centre, China (September 1979)

Kreis, F., Die Bewegung des Wassers. Diss. TH Berlin (1937).

Cited in a German book about water for fire protection. The disseration is not in the library catalog of TU Berlin. I can find no mention of this dissertation anywhere aside from the mentioned book.

Кутовой В.А. Мелкость распиливания топлива, впрыскиваемого при постоянном давлении // Исследование процессов топливоподачи и регулирования быстроходных дизелей: Тр. НИИ (М.)/ Под ред. В.А. Кутового.-1966.-№ 17.-С. 22-36. (Kutovoy V.A. The fineness of the atomization of fuel injected at constant pressure / / Investigation of fuel supply and regulation of high-speed diesels: Tr. NII (M.) / Ed. V.A. Kutovoy.-1966.-No. 17.- p. 22-36.)

A. S. Lyshevskii, "K raschetu vertikal'nykh strui [The calculation of the vertical jet]," Trudy, Novocherkasskii politekhnicheskii institut, vol. 131, pp. 57-67, 1962.

A. S. Lyshevskii, "Opredeleniye parametrov naklonnykh strui [Defining the parameters of inclined jet]," Trudy, Novocherkasskii politekhnicheskii institut, vol. 131, pp. 69-86, 1962.

Могендович, Е. М. Гидравлические импульсные системы [Текст] / Е. М. Могендович. – Л.: Машиностроение, 1977. – 216 с. (Mogendovich, E. M. Hydraulic pulse systems [Text] / EM Mogendovich. - A .: Engineering, 1977. - 216 p.)

G. J. Ranque, "Expériences sur la détente giratoire avec productions simultanées d’un echappement d’air chaud et d’un echappement d’air froid" ["Experiments on vorticial expansion with the simultaneous production of an outflow of hot air and an outflow of cold air"]. Le Journal de physique et le radium, vol. 4, pp. 112-114, 1933.

Despite how well cited this is, it doesn't appear to exist as cited. If anyone knows the correct citation, let me know.